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About Us

The United States Animal Research Openness (USARO) Initiative aims to increase the number of  institutions that are engaging in meaningful public conversations about the importance of animal contributions to science. Without public understanding and support for animal research, fundamental basic science discoveries and critical medical needs will go unmet.

We pursue openness as the foundation upon which institutions will be better able to enhance understanding (when, why and how animals are used) and maintain public support for the role of animal research in the development of valuable medical treatments for humans and animals.

Image by Aditya Romansa
Animal research saves lives.
It's our job to defend animal research from misrepresentation, untruth and misunderstanding.
Image by Scott Webb

Our Mission

The USARO Initiative, representing a diverse research community, empowers individuals and institutions to communicate the essential need for animal research in basic science discoveries and medical interventions benefitting both people and animals through the principles of openness: build trust, support science and counter misinformation.

Our Vision

We envision a future in which the U.S. public understands and supports the use of animals that contribute to scientific innovations for which there are no alternatives. 

Support Research. Support Progress.

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