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The United States Animal Research Openness Initiative (USARO) aims to increase the number of institutions that are engaging in meaningful public conversations about the importance of animal contributions to science. Without public understanding and support for animal research, fundamental basic science discoveries and critical medical needs will go unmet.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and institutions to communicate the essential need for animal research in basic science discoveries and medical interventions through the principles of openness.

These principles are to: build trust, support science and counter misinformation. 

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Our Vision

We envision a future in which the public understands and supports the important contributions toward scientific innovations that are dependent upon studies with animals for which there is no alternative.

Animal research saves lives

Research that benefits both people and animals depend on a variety of important models. Some examples include include cell cultures, computer simulations, new techologies, human volunteers and research animals. Each provides a way to answer a specific scientific question to advance the research.

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Animal research touches everyone

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