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Statement of Intent 
for a U.S. Animal Research Openness (USARO) Agreement

A formal US Animal Research Openness Agreement is being developed. It is important to include the perspectives of all members of our diverse research community. Ensure your institution's view is heard and considered by signing the Statement of Intent below.

Note: Signing simply adds you/a representative from your institution to the list of internal reviewers. It does not sign your institution up for the formal USARO Agreement at this time.

Statement of Intent

Signing adds your institution to the list of groups who will inform and review the US Animal Research Openness Agreement during the drafting and final approval process. It does NOT add your institution to the final agreement.

USARO Statement of Intent


There is a continued need in the biomedical and life sciences to work with animals.


This need extends from advancing fundamental understanding of living systems, enhancing our knowledge in ecology and agriculture, to the development of therapeutics and treatments that will cure diseases, relieve suffering, and improve overall quality of life for humans and animals.


Regulatory oversight bodies at research sites support the ethical imperative to incorporate the 3Rs (replacement, refinement, reduction) when working with animals in research and to actively seek and use alternatives when scientifically valid.


To ensure increased understanding and support at all levels of society, there is a need for openness about how, when, and why animals are needed to further scientific knowledge.


To help achieve these aims, we, the undersigned, commit to joining the United States Animal Research Openness Initiative to develop the U.S. Animal Research Openness Agreement. 

U.S. Animal Research Openness Agreement

Draft In Progress

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