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Why is Research Involving Animals Necessary?

Research invovling animals, along with cells, computers, human volunteers, and other non-animal models, are all essential parts of scientific and medical progress. 


There are many voices and opinions about animal-based research. Sensationalist and emotional materials often utilize information that is outdated and taken out of context to mislead the public. Fortunately, there are several resources available that are dedicated to showing the truth about animal studies and their critical role in developing lifesaving medicine.


Visit the links to learn more about how animals are treated, what life is like for research animals, what alternatives are being used today, and more

Get the facts about animal research and ways to help others make the connection between animal studies and medical progress.

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Find out about how animal research benefits both humans and other animals, get the latest research advocacy news, and more.

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Stay up to date on refinements, reductions and replacements in laboratory animal science.


Learn about animal research in scientific discoveries.


Meet some of the people that care for the animals in research.


A podcast featuring conversations about life saving animal research and other animal topics.

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Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD) is an international event designated to raise awareness of, and honor, the animals involved in the advancement of science and medicine. 

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Read stories about what life is like for research animals and why they are essential for certain studies.


Stay up to date on public policy initiatives surrounding animal research.

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Homes for Animal Heroes

a program of the National Animal Interest Alliance

This program partners with research facilities to find loving homes for their retired research dogs.


Discover how animal research helps scientists learn about the human brain.

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Activites, posters, and more for K-12 students to learn about caring for animals and careers in science. 


Honest conversations about animal research so we can make compassionate choices…together.

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Non-human primates are critical in many areas of life-saving research. Learn more through the National Primate Research Centers (NPRC) where much of this research happens.


Disclaimer: These resources are provided as a convenience to visitors and for informational purposes only. They do not constitute endorsement of the USARO by the respective organizations. The USARO does not review or approve external content and bears no responsibility for the content contained in external sites and subsequent links.

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