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What does openness look like? Check it out!

Openness Exemplars

Exemplars are openness pioneers and are here to proudly share their commitment to dedication, quality, and care. Click on a post to learn more about successful communication strategies and initiatives they have used to showcase their excellent programs and research teams!

How does it work?

Openness about animal research involves communicating essential information about why animal studies remain essential to research that advances science and benefits humans and animals and how studies with animals are approved, conducted and monitored.

The U.S. Animal Research Openness Initiative invites institutions involved in research, teaching and/or testing with animals to engage in the conversation about increasing information about essential animal studies.

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Openness is not something new.

With the advent of technology, the opportunities to further share the critical work done by dedicated researchers and support staff has increased exponentially. Openness is a commitment to utilizing these avenues more effectively, using more of them, and using them more often to communicate more regularly with the public. How can anyone appreciate what they do not know?

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Openness about animal research fosters meaningful public conversations about the critical role of animals in research, teaching and testing.

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