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For Research Partners

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What is Openness?

Clapping Audience



How to Join


Ideas for Implementation

Build Trust

  • Be a part of an inclusive community that promotes support for science

  • Establish strong relationships with the public

  • Inform policy makers and the media


Support Science

  • Showcase your institution's research

  • Show the connection between animal research and patient health


Counter Claims

  • Highlight the standards of care for animals in research

  • ​Counter misinformation about animal research and alternatives


Sign the U.S. Openness Agreement

If your institution is dedicated to upholding high standards of animal welfare, using top-tier research methods, and supporting caring researchers and staff, join hundreds of other institutions worldwide in the movement to commit to animal research openness.

Animal research openness for US partners starts here. You can begin by signing the Statement of Intent and joining our mailing list for updates when the formal Openness Agreement is finalized.

Statement of Intent

The Openness Agreement

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What is the difference between the Statement of Intent and the Openness Agreement?

The Statement of Intent is just that- a declaration of sincere interest in joining the openness movement and in becoming a signatory when the Openness Agreement is available. The Openness Agreement is a document outlining a commitment to principles of high standards for animals welfare and scientific rigor, transparency, communication, and public engagement. This document was developed collaboratively by representatives from over 100 research institutions in the United States, with input from international leaders in research openness.

Who are the Signatories?

Insitutions conducting research, teaching, and testing involving animals are invited to sign the document. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Resources page for more information on public avenues for involvement.

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