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Telling our story of
dedication, quality and care.

Download an informational PDF about the

U.S. Animal Research Openness (USARO) Initiative

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Build Trust

  • Be a part of an inclusive community that promotes support for science

  • Establish strong relationships with the public

  • Inform policymakers and the media


Support Science

  • Showcase your institution's research

  • Demonstrate the connection between animal research and patient health

  • Emphasize that good science requires excellent animal care.

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Counter Misinformation

  • ​Counter misleading claims about animal research and alternatives

  • Highlight the standards of care for animals in research








Animal Research Statements

in the U.S.


Increased openness fosters meaningful public conversations about the critical role of animals in research, teaching and testing.

How Does It Work?

Openness about animal research involves communicating essential information about why animal studies remain essential to research that advances science and benefits humans and animals and how studies with animals are approved, conducted and monitored.

The U.S. Animal Research Openness Initiative invites institutions involved in research, teaching and/or testing with animals to engage in conversations about these essential studies.

Image by Scott Webb
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Take a step toward greater openness

Contact us to learn more, stay informed and join the efforts of the U.S. Animal Research Openness Initiative.

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